• What is the difference between a psychic reading and a medium reading?

Mediums: Mediums are able to see, hear and feel people who are in the spirit world.  The gift of mediumship is generally something that runs in families and most mediums knowingly, or unknowingly have the ability from birth.
Genuine mediums are very accurate as the information they receive comes directly from spirit.

Psychics: Psychics tend to just rely on hunches, intuition, a gut feeling, or cards.
Luan can and does use tarot, oracle cards, crystal balls, tea leaf reading etc 95% most of the information that comes through comes through from spirit – these items are just a tool and not much more. She just simply reconfirms the feelings and visions with spirit and vice versa, whatever is applicable at the time but the power of spirit is very strong.

If there is a spirit with you, Luan will see it & will communicate with. Luan has been known to read beyond the obvious or surface information and can get right to the root of the issue or someones personality and how best to deal with them.

Whilst we can not control entirely what spirits do and don’t come through on the day, Luan hasn’t found that any spirit decline coming through but of course this is going to vary from time to time. You can most certainly ask about loved ones and Luan will ask spirit about them and at the very least he will tell her but as said, asking for presence hasn’t really been an issue.

Luan is psychic as well as a medium. During a reading, Luan can take a look at your life path and situation outcomes, advice, insight, what will happen if you do this or do that etc & again always confirms with her spirit guide etc but is just very adamant in what she feels, hears and sees etc. Luan prefers you to ask what you want to know at the beginning of the reading but it’s not necessary. There are no restrictions with regards to if you need to interrupt and ask questions or converse during the reading, you most certainly can.

Luan’s psychic & medium ability basic explanation: Clairvoyance or “clear seeing”, Clairaudience or “clear hearing”, Clairsentience or “clear feeling”, Claircognizance or “clear knowing”, Clairgustance or “clear tasting”, also sense of smell… Loved ones, spirit presence & communication… Past, present, future, in any area of your life, personalities, feelings, emotions, even some thoughts of people, Luan is able to tune into all of this plus so much more… Luan truly is a natural born gifted medium and psychic… it’s an experience you must have for yourself.

All in all Luan is a Psychic Medium/Medium – she works with your spirits, spirits that come through but also spirit/s who does not need any tools to help her.

Luan always immediately connects with spirits on request because she is a trusted source.

  • What do I need to bring with me to a reading?

You can bring nothing or you can bring, written down questions (great in case you lose track of the things you wanted to ask)… you can bring photos (which Luan loves but does not need), you can bring a note book or pad to write down things Luan says. In some cases, Luan does allow recording of the readings but this is sometimes declined. Depends what the spirits tell her on the day.
Bring a good attitude, do not expect to hear what you want to hear. Being rude to Luan, will not force her to tell you what you want to hear and will not change anything – but as you will see, Luan is great at helping you see and understand what you are supposed to on the day.

  • I am really skeptical! I am not sure how to conduct myself?

It is normal and healthy/safe to be skeptical within reason especially if you have had bad experiences or no experiences with a genuine psychic medium before. However, try to be open minded. Luan has been known to turn many a skeptic around. Many.

Try to be relaxed when you come to the reading. Luan is a friendly person who makes most feel very comfortable. You are free to say and ask whatever you like.

Whilst many have attempted to trick Luan or withhold information, that does not change the outcome of any predictions and ultimately those who attempt trickery often end up feeling embarrassed, so it’s recommended you stay on the level within reason. You do not need to give Luan information if you do not wish to. You will not be asked dates of births or surnames (all unnecessary).
Luan doesn’t personally or professionally mind proving skeptics wrong though and often leaves clients mind blown, about how many specifics she was able to sight and say… the accuracy of predictions, often leaves a skeptic realising that psychics really are a thing.

Try to not steer the reading, ie attempting to tell Luan what is what, with the intention of hearing what you want to hear. Luan will stop any client who attempts to do this. Readings with Luan can not be controlled or steered. You will get the truth and you will not get told what you want to hear, unless that is the truth.

Intentionally attempting to block Luan does not actually work because spirit will tell her and will still give her the insight anyway – so try to not do this intentionally or otherwise however, as sometimes it annoys the spirit/s. He will tell her that you are, she will see that you are and honestly, sometimes the spirit/s do not like it either. Sometimes people try to block out of fear as well, and that is ok but you may be asked to relax, hold a crystal, take a deep breath or let your guard down, either way, Luan will let you know on the day. Luan finds most people skeptically blocking or out of fear, usually get past that pretty quickly when they realise she is genuine and has given them information she could not possibly have known. There is no need to be scared and Luan will reassure you on the day.

  • Does Luan refund money for services?

No. Not under any circumstances. Even if you are unhappy, we guarantee it will just because you did not like what you heard and will later be back due to the accuracy, or not because the accuracy scares you and you only want to hear what you want to hear. Luan always provides tools for those who do not hear what they want to hear. It is up to you whether you act on that advice, help or insight. Ultimately you received a service with 1 of the best, if not the best, so no refunds necessary.

  • Does Luan reschedule appointments?

No, not unless the person is contagious, a family member has died or in emergency hospital etc.

  • Is Luan the real deal?

Bloody oath she is! Luan has clients locally, out of town, interstate and overseas and has been doing this for over 30 years.

  • Am I allowed to ask questions?

Luan prefers her clients to ask questions because Luan can answer specific and direct questions accurately and with detail, she’s not afraid to. She’s also happy to do general readings or see what else comes through for you but primarily, you should come armed with questions. Whilst Luan has been known to read and display mountains of information and topics, details you didn’t mention, playing games to see if Luan will pick something up or to see if you can trick or entice on some level, is not recommended and the spirit/s actually frown upon tom foolery, and time and energy wasting antics. Although sometimes they also do not mind. It comes down to the person, your energy, your intentions and so forth. The spirits see why you do or say things.
Luan often quotes people, word for word, things they say, word for word, things you may have only thought and never mentioned to a soul. Luan is genuinely one of those people where you will not need to give any information. Simple direct questions are fine.
If Luan wants confirmation of something, she will ask. BUT she will never ask you for lots of details. Often she cuts clients off and finishes their sentences for them ie knows exactly what you are going to say etc.

  • What am I allowed to ask?

You are allowed to ask ANYTHING you want to ask. Intimacy, health, medical, life, death, financial, business, love, marriage, divorce, employment, study – the world is your oyster and with Luan you will get the full platter. Do not be shy. There is nothing Luan has not seen or heard before. Clients range from the stay at home mother to the sex escort worker. Nothing surprises her and she never judges a soul.
You can also ask about friends or family who have passed over.

Luan has seen illnesses, sexually transmitted diseases, deaths, new jobs, losses of jobs, achievements, failings, babies, winnings, divorces, marriages, love, betrayal, cheaters, liars, and so forth… sexual capabilities and incapabilities, there is nothing she has not predicted or seen in all her years of reading.

You can ask about others BUT occasionally spirit will refuse to answer IF you are asking for all the wrong reasons or they deem it unnecessary or none of your business to know.

  • Sunday Readings

As some of you are aware, I used to charge a much higher rate for Sundays but have adjusted it for those who can not come any other day. However, I will only do a minimum of 1 hour.

  • Prepay to secure

Please PAY before making booking arrangements. Booking availability varies. Please have at least 3 (preferably 5 suggestions) days and times that you would like as suggestions, 1 morning, 1 afternoon and 1 weekday and weekend – these needs to be spread apart from 1 day to 14 days or more in the case Luan is booked out. My service is prepay to secure bookings.

We have seen a massive increase in people spending 30+mins haggling over times, requesting the booking, just to not follow through with payment, so now we request payment first. No refunds.

You can also pay into the bank account OR credit card over the phone.

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