Luan Heslin


Over 30+ yrs experience.


Luan's Story


Luan is a member of the international psychics association.

She is a natural born psychic medium.

This means Luans gift comes natural – it’s not forced or developed.

Luan has been reading people young, old, related, friends, strangers, since she was around 5yrs old.

Her visions, predictions, are all accurate – even as a child and teen. She blew minds then and she continues to blow minds now. Those who underestimate her or who are skeptic about what she says, either fail to see the truth before it’s too late or too become her biggest fan. Luan’s devotion, dedication and commitment to her clients is unwavering and commendable.
Whilst Luan has been referred to as an Earth Angel, Luan is no love and light type of reader. There is no candy coating or bullshitting – you get real insight but you also get
REAL tools/insight to improve your life, no matter the prediction.
Clients who take the advice from spirit, report back to me that it never fails them.
Plenty have tried to test the predictions, plenty have failed – the shitty outcomes predicted, when shown path choices, come to light, when that advice is not taken.

Psychic Medium Readings

Luan Heslin

Luan covers all areas. Love, life, death, spiritual, business, study, medical, employment, marriage, extra marital affairs, addictions, sex/intimacy and so forth.
Luan brings joy and closure in death or relationships etc to those in need.

Luan does not use tools more often than not, but can or will if spirit requires it. ALL insight is psychic medium/spirit insight.

Luan has predicted many babies, relationships, marriages, divorces, affairs, thefts, deaths, cancer and other ailments incl. sexually transmitted diseases… the list is long and wonderful or not so, but even in your darkest hour, Luan will give you what you need to continue… she has lifted clients from the depths of hell…

What will Luan do readings about?

There is no area that Luan does not and will not look at. Arrive knowing this is a judgement free environment. Confidential readings always. 
There is nothing you can say or do that will surprise Luan or bother her. It is not in her nature to be judgmental, nor is she PERMITTED to. Spiritual Couple Counselling? It’s a thing! Luan has helped save and mend plenty of friendships and relationships in her time. All it requires is your time – even if you are not feeling committed to the cause… 

Better To Have Loved And Lost, Than To Have Never Loved

Robert Patterson

Event Attractions

Getting married? Having a party? Something to celebrate and would like to incorporate Luan's services or products?


Recommendations coming soon for those out of town and state travellers.


You can record your readings or take notes. The only time this might differ, is if spirit asks you not to.

What to Wear

Luan has been known to wear slippers to clients readings - so please come relaxed! You are not coming for an interview.


Luan is here for you, every step of the way.

Parking Area

There is paid parking on Newcastle Street and Aberdeen Street. FREE on Sundays!

Food & Drinks

Complimentary tea, coffee and nibblies are available to you during your service.

Can't see what you are looking for?

Feel free to shoot a message through but please remember, Luan will not take bookings unless payment is made first. This ensures less chance of time wasted for Luan and other people who may need her services.

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Wouldn't it be nice if the psychic who predicted your wedding, was also the psychic who married you?

When & Where

We would love to see you soon!

The Ceremony

The Readings

The Party

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